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K'lo Harris (Pronounced: Kaylo)

I am a member of the Institute of Professional Celebrants (

I am based in East Devon, and willing to travel:

A Shiatsu Therapist, Somatic Movement Facilitator, Performance Artist and Theatre Maker. Mother of two now grown children.

I come from a non-traditional religious background, a child of the world, carted around in the 70’s by my musician parents. As a result, my spiritual influences range from deeply reverent, even sombre, to brightly lit, technicolour, joyous spectacles, whether celebrating marriage, or the end of someone’s life.

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In my life I have found myself playing with the dynamic between body, mind, and emotion, working with people in times of great joy and great sorrow. Often gravitating to positions that have asked me to hold the space for events and people, including:

  • Wedding and End of Life Celebrant.

  • Exploring spirituality workshops, for children.

  • Bedside Performer in Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

  • Created alters for weddings and other events.

Becoming a Celebrant is about sharing an aspect of life that has become increasingly important to me, that of celebrating life's important moments, and transitions. Honouring change, in all its colours.

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